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to realize your calling

This world needs you

You have a gift and a mission that humanity desperately wants you to discover. You deserve the respect and success gained from finding it. We want to help you.

An Unbound Spirit provides a framework built on philosophy and mysticism to help you navigate your innermost potential. We provide consulting, workshops, and techniques to allow you to focus all of your attention on your highest priority.
The pull that you feel to be and do more than you are experiencing in life is real and meaningful. Your calling comes from the unique circumstances of your birth and the culmination of experiences that carried you to where you are now. You can be the one that responds and overcomes the obstacles to fulfill the yearning to do what you must and to be where you belong.

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Our system is designed to develop you into an effective self-master and empowered steward.

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“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Mystically Seeking the Noblest Idea Demystifying The Noblest Idea - To be a Mystic is fundamentally to work toward demystifying reality. This means that to the Mystic, reality is inherently mysterious. It is the search for the noblest idea.Mysticism might then be said to seek to know "what."
violent collision A Crisis of Values — Establishing Virtues - Our civilization faces a real crisis of values. At this critical time, much of the work we must concern ourselves with occurs directly at the level of engagement with our values and what we value.
Sagan's Pale Blue Dot Where We Are — Existence and Existential Threat - With no telling what event (or intent) triggered the very first particles of substance into being, we are left with no guarantee that the universe will ever recreate itself or be born anew. To be suspended in reality in any form is to stand upon a precipice looking into the vastness of eternal obscurity, knowing that horizon eventually belongs to you.